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Anatomy of Asana in Motion!!
An animated model of the human body that dynamically
illustrates key points for healthy posture in Asana-related movement

From Dr. Gill Solberg, Amit Gal Alon


First, we would like to thank you for entering our site. We have been working for more than 4 years developing the
'YOGA Functional Anatomy' program which serves thousands of yoga teachers around the world, providing them with regularly updated professional information that improves the teaching skills of every yoga teacher and every individual who
engages in movement.

Learn to identify typical postural tendencies among your students, and acquire tools
to respond to individual student's needs. YOGA Functional Anatomy program will teach
you how to evaluate the underlying causes for postural challenges and show you simple ways to help your students break old movement patterns and develop a healthier posture via their yoga practice.

Imagine how great it would be for you, as a teacher and as an informed person, to have all the tools you need to see inside the movement system, to look under the skin of all your students, directly into their posture patterns, and to provide them with a perfect link to their bodies through your yoga classes!

This is an amazing opportunity to grow as a teacher: expand your yoga knowledge
in the comfort of your home or practice space and accumulate credit towards your
Continued Education Units (CEUs) with Yoga Alliance. *

Yoga Alliance 
* Every 5 hours of this training equals 1 non-contact hour of continuing education with Yoga Alliance.

Expand and Deepen your understanding of the intricate workings of the human body, Enhance your ability to identify postural problems and Guide your students toward proper healthy alignment.

As you dive into it we are certain that this comprehensive  'Yoga Functional Anatomy' program will excite you,
enrich you and contribute to an improved professional future!"

Yoga Functional Anatomy People often ask us why they have to buy information from us when the internet offers so much information – free.

The answer is simple.
Our information is concentrated, refined and of the highest quality. It offers a real shortcut for anyone who wants to leap forward and not waste countless hours in endless searches.

Moreover, very few books in the world deal with posture and even fewer of them combine posture with yoga. It is no coincidence that we decided not to publish another book but rather to produce a system with interactive material and videos, because we know from extensive experience with our students how complex the material in kinesiology and anatomy is. 

Using videos and animations turns learning into another kind of experience. You cannot teach movement statically and you can’t learn about posture problems through texts. You have to see with your own eyes what text and pictures can only try to describe.

It may sound a bit conceited, but we can definitely say that today we can provide every yoga teacher with information about the world of posture and movement in relation to yoga.

You will attract more customers!
Your professionalism will be upgraded by several levels.
And from our experience – your students will feel it! And they will respond – quickly!

How will I know whether this program is what I need as a yoga or movement teacher?

Ask yourself the following questions:

Yoga Functional Anatomy - Have you amassed all the knowledge you need as a teacher?

- Do you encounter students with variousposture problems and know how to diagnose each problem?

- Can you look under the skin of each yoga student and understand, in depth, which muscles are working in each pose and which muscles can limit movement?

- Do you know how every muscle works? When it stretches and in which movements it is active and contracts?

- Do you know how to adapt yoga poses to students with kyphosis? Or those with excessive lumbar lordosis?

If you answered “no” to any of the questions above, then this program is right for you!

Yoga Functional Anatomy Yoga Functional Anatomy

Yoga Anatomy Software Buy Now
For the last 4 years we have invested our time and effort in helping yoga teachers to improve their yoga classes.
And the result is a rich interactive program, filled with up-to-date material.
We will give you exactly what you need to raise your yoga classes by several levels and to improve your own professional abilities.

Yoga Functional Anatomy - You will learn how to diagnose your students’ posture patterns.

- You will learn to identify posture problems and understand how
various joints in the body are connected, and how a limitation in one joint leads to a movement problem in another one.

- You will understand how making a small change in range of motion in one joint can solve a problem in another joint.

- You will be able to adapt any asana to any kind of problem.

- You will be able to see muscles as they stretch and strengthen
in each pose.

- Now you can look at your students through different eyes.

- Learn how to instruct students with kyphosis in their yoga practice - modify poses and offer individual guidance.

Yoga Functional Anatomy Let’s take a deeper look at what the program contains:

- Dozens of movement analyses of asanas

- Which muscles are active in each asana and which ones get stronger

- Common posture problems in each asana and ways to solve them

- The kinesthetic system as you have never seen it. You can click on any muscle and see how it works

- Dozens of animations and hours-worth of material from the world of yoga-posture

- All the material is divided into chapters (sitting positions, standing positions, balance, etc.)

- Thousands of videos and animations that turn the learning experience into a joy

- Simple user-friendly interface

- The program is updated with new material each month

- Professional articles combined with pictures and animations

Yoga Functional Anatomy
Technically – how does it work?

The program is an internet-based online platform (for PC + MAC + iPad + Android Tablet - All in one subscription).

People ask why we are selling a subscription and not a set lifetime program.
Our vision is to create a community of professionals who receive a steady flow of updates, like a magazine. A “lifetime” for us is three years. Of course, if after that period you want to continue to enjoy our material we will extend your subscription (with a hefty discount for those who take out long-term subscriptions).

Obviously, a one-time “lifetime” program has the advantage of the purchaser knowing that s/he has the product forever, but along with a very high one-time price there is also the drawback that such a program will become outdated.

Instead, we chose to make use of innovative qualities of the internet, which enable us to keep a close watch on developments, to update, improve and help you progress both technologically and professionally. And in this way we create a professional learning tool that will accompany and develop with you over the years.
Yoga Anatomy Software Buy Now
Your investment in purchasing a subscription that will upgrade your yoga classes and your understanding of the human body:

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Our Guarantee:
Yoga Anatomy Software Guarantee

Yoga Anatomy Software Buy Now
What will I get from this program?

You will get three powerful benefits:

1. The ability to see your students from a different viewpoint and understand the posture patterns of each of them.
2. An understanding of the source of problemsthat are causing your students difficulty while performing an asana.
3. For the first time you will see how each muscle works and moves, and how the muscle is connected to yoga classes
and to every position.

>> I’m a teacher who already knows a lot. Is this program for me?
If you know posture and movement theory from many years of work, now for the first time you will be able to see what until now you could only imagine – because you did not have the technological tools that enabled you to see the joints and muscles in relation to yoga. You can also see the reasons for what you already know and show your students what until now you could only explain in words and a few pictures. Of course, if you think the program is not for you, you have our full heartfelt money-back guarantee up to two days from the purchase date.

>> I never learned human anatomy in any depth. Is it possible now? Is it necessary?
-The technology we use turns what used to be a truly difficult learning experience into one that is easy and enjoyable. No need to read pages full of text with strange terms. We give you all the material through videos! This is the first time that you can truly acquire the information easily. As yoga and movement people we think that every teacher should master human kinesiology and anatomy of the movement system if s/he works and deals with yoga students.

>> Can I buy the program on a disc?
This is an online application. You download the program to the computer of your choice and you can surf through an internet connection. The program is not available on discs for the simple reason that it is updated regularly with new information. This is a learning system that contains a complete course that will expand and become even more comprehensive over time.

>> Why is the half-year subscription renewed automatically? Is the annual subscription also renewed in this way?
Only the half-year subscription is renewed automatically. We do this in order to save you the bother of the purchase process after half a year. Of course, you can cancel the automatic renewal at any time! Simply send us an email that you want to take care of the renewal yourself through your account. The one-year and three-year subscriptions are not renewed automatically. We contact you towards the end of the subscription period and ask if you want to renew.




Yoga Functional Anatomy 



Yoga Anatomy Software Buy Now
Muslce and Motion A fascinating and user-friendly trek through the world of the skeleton, muscles, joints, movement, posture and the way in which they are used in yoga positions.

I warmly recommend the pleasure of this trek which will also improve your personal practice and teaching from an understanding of what is happening within.

Zippi Negev
School of Integrative Yoga


Muslce and Motion Wow!!!
There really isn’t anything else like it. I am amazed by the precise graphics, the educational animation, and the short accurate explanations. The section on problems and adaptations is really superb.

This is a super-effective tool for every yoga teacher that will raise the level of explanations and practice in the lesson.

Edna Davidson
Senior Teacher of Yoga


Muslce and Motion The saying “one picture is worth a thousand words” comes to mind when you travel through the 3D world of the wonderful software prepared by Amit Gal Alon and Dr. Gill Solberg.
The software provides an inside view of the workings of the musculoskeletal system in different positions and poses.
The software is suitable for all those who engage in movement and not only for yoga teachers and students.

Yoel Shmueli
Lecturer, diagnostician and therapist – Posture and Movement

Yoga Anatomy Software Buy Now
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(The one-year and three-year subscriptions are not renewed automatically.   ( )

Our Guarantee:
Yoga Anatomy Software Guarantee