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Anatomy and Kinesiology of Yoga as never seen before. 

YOGA Functional Anatomy is a comprehensive and professional
online course in the functional anatomy of yoga with an emphasis on diagnosing yoga-related posture problems. The software is updated constantly with professional material from the world of yoga and posture and creates a professional community for yoga teachers and all those who engage in movement. Table of Content >> 

The cooperation
This program is the first of its type in the world, the result of a rare cooperative effort between Dr. Gill Solberg (a yoga teacher and expert in diagnosing and treating posture problems and limitations of the kinesthetic system), and Amit Gal Alon (a teacher of movement and world famous developer of computerized systems in movement and anatomy).

Yoga Anatomy, Kinesiology, and Posture
The software focuses on the anatomy and kinesiology of yoga postures and instills a deep understanding of the wisdom of ancient yoga – in the spirit of the modern world. The system focuses on the applicative side of adapting yoga to western civilization and also adapting the nature of the yoga practice to the posture patterns of the yoga student. In this way we highlight complex kinesiological aspects that till now have not been addressed clearly and in terms of their applications.

Teacher advantage
All of the content is presented visually, in spectacular 3D, to help teachers deal with questions that arise during instruction such as: What does this position work on? What might be the source of the learner’s difficulty? How can we deal with movement limitations during the yoga practice? Knowledge in these areas will enable teachers to work with confidence, from a well grounded understanding of body movement, which will help avoid causing harm as the result of an inappropriate yoga practice.

This is an amazing opportunity to grow as a teacher: expand your yoga knowledge in the comfort of your home or practice space
and accumulate credit towards your
Continued Education Units (CEUs) with Yoga Alliance. *

Yoga Alliance

* Every 5 hours of this training equals 1 non-contact hour of continuing education with Yoga Alliance.

Thanks to the most advanced technology that we use, it is impossible not to understand. You can observe how muscles work in each position, deepen your understanding of the effects of common posture problems on the nature of yoga poses, and learn how to deal with any obstacle.

Learn how to instruct students with kyphosis in their yoga practice - modify poses and offer individual guidance.

Muscular System
A special comprehensive section presents the movement system in 3D Observing each muscle in 3D helps enhance understanding of muscle movements and connection points It’s simply impossible not to understand.

Indications and contraindications in yoga practice:
What is the appropriate pose?
What should be avoided?
How can adaptations be introduced to prevent damage and improve the results of the training session?
And much more..

Core muscles and yoga:
What are the core muscles?
How do they function in a yoga poses?
How can we develop functional control of these muscles?
Which poses should be included in a session to improve static or dynamic posture?
And much more..

The body’s balance systems:
How do we deal with difficulties in keeping our balance?
How do we locate the source of the problem?
Which poses should be included in a session?
And much more..

Posture disorders in the lower extremities:
How do we locate functional problems in the foot joints?
How do we prevent damage to the knee?
What causes lack of balance in the hip joints?
How do all of these elements affect the quality of practice?
And much more..

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Yoga Functional Anatomy

Yoga Functional Anatomy
Yoga Functional Anatomy

Yoga Functional Anatomy

Yoga Functional Anatomy

Muslce and Motion I have seen a lot of products that try to do some of what you have done, but Yoga Functional Anatomy really gets it right in many key areas where others fall short

Roger Cole, PhD, Scientist, Author, and Iyengar Yoga Teacher

Yoga Alliance

Every 5 hours of this training equals 1 non-contact hour of continuing education with
Yoga Alliance.

Muslce and Motion One of the best courses on Yoga anatomy out there! Not just anatomy but modifications for students in almost every possible pose and also on top of that exercises to re-correct most anatomical misalignments. And it's all done as simple and as effortlessly as possible.

David Ibrahim
Divine Yoga, LA